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Quattromani has become the “emblem of Ticino and Swiss quality winemaking throughout the world”, according to the great Swiss chef,
Anton Mosimann, who presented Quattromani at an international preview in his exclusive London Club in the year 2000.

Even the past-president of Ticino Tourism, Marco Solari, never misses the chance to feature the Quattromani as “an exemplary Merlot,
an effective marketing tool which provides a qualitative illustration of the people, soil and produce of the Ticino region.”
Many are the Ambassadors that have contributed to the acclaimed prestige of “Quattromani”.

Paolo Basso, Sommelier
Simone Ragusa, Sommelier
Piero Tenca, Sommelier
Anton Mosimann, Chef de Cuisine
Jacky Donatz, Chef de Cuisine
Dario Ranza, Chef de Cuisine
Jean Crettenand, Oenologist
Eric Favre, Hotelier
Jean-Jacques Gauer, Hotelier
Giuseppe Rossi, Hotelier
Maurice Urech, Hotelier
Reto Stoeckenius, Hotelier
Ivan Zorloni, Hotelier
Jacques Mayer, Hotelier
Alexandre Nickbarte, Hotelier
Guido Sassi, Restaurateur
Michel Gagnon, Art director
Peppino Matasci, Wine maker
Francesco Illy, Entrerpriser
Flavio Audermars, Entrerpriser
Filippo Lombardi, Swiss Council of State Councillor
Dick Marty, Switzerland Tourism
Prof. Franco Cavalli, Doctor
Marco Solari, Locarno Film Festival President
Paolo Grandi, Banker
Franco Polloni, Banker
Alessandro Seralvo, Banker
Sergio Ermotti, Banker
Alberto Dell’Acqua, Journalist
Martin Kilchenmann, Journalist
Rocco Lettieri, Journalist
Roberto Grassi, Entrerpriser