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Good Luck! Four is a lucky number!
It is said to represent perfection, symbolizing a harmony of balance dancing to the rhythm of the four seasons.
The Quattromani, the result of a vigorous collaboration between four winegrowers, who gambled on this number over a bottle of wine,
this vintage has conquered the Swiss market and succeeded in gaining an international reputation.

And since wine is the work of both spirit and culture, these four friends remind us perhaps of the “paths of knowledge”
so dear to Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), who used to psychoanalyze eccentric people by means of four prime functions:
thought, feeling, emotion and, above all, intuition.
These are the same characteristics that distinguish the four entrepreneurial winegrowers from Ticino, who, ten years ago,
intuitively decided to collaborate in the development of a wine, which they have appropriately called “Quattromani”.
“Ticinese wine heats and makes life beautiful” Hermann Hesse in Montagnola (1877-1962).